About Us

We specialise in the conversion of multiple vehicle types…

The conversion of Volkswagen Transporters, Ford Customs, Vauxhall Vivero’s and Renault Trafic’s, although,

VW Campervandom campervan conversion sales
Vauxhall Campervandom campervan conversion sales
Ford Campervandom campervan conversion sales
Renault campervan conversion sales

We also have a lot of experience with many other manufacturers, makes and models.

All of our vans are converted under our own roof, this ensures that we can keep track of the whole process from concept to completion. We have a CNC machine which allows us to design and build our own unique style of furniture, this allows us to easily adapt to suit your induvial needs and requirements. Coming from an engineering background and with many years working within a highly regulated industry, we are highly skilled and leave nothing to chance.

For any outsourced equipment such as rock and roll beds and poptop roofs, we only install quality and certified/tested products from reputable suppliers.

Being campervan enthusiast ourselves, we know how important it is not only producing a great campervan to a very high standard, but we also believe that all of our vans must be built to last, and with function in mind.

We are a small family run company with big ambitions, our aim is to see our vans located within all areas within the UK. As well as converting our own vans, we also work with customers and offer a conversion service, and we also have trade customers within the industry.

All swivel bases are M1 tested

We only use well known brands with the best reputation

All poptop roofs are TUV approved

Camnpervandom poptop roofs are TUV approved

All rock & roll beds are M1 tested

We ensure that your conversion not only looks amazing, but is also built to last